A comment, or two, might be in order on this list of prices.

Bread and paga…. 2 C.T.
Other food…. 3—5 C.T.
Lodging…. 10 C.T.
Blankets (2)…. 2 C.T.
Bath…. 1 C.T.
Bath girl…. 2 C.T.
Sponge, oil and strigil…. 1 C.T.
Girl for the night…. 5 C.T.
T., Greens and Stable…. 2 C.T.
T., Meat and Cot…. 5 C.T.

A comment, or two, might be in order on this list of prices. First, it will be noted that they are not typical. In many inns, depending on the season, to be sure, and the readiness of the keeper to negotiate, one can stay for as little as two or three copper tarsks a day, everything included, within reason, of course, subject to some restraint with respect to paga, and such. Also, the bath girl, and the sponge, oil and strigil, in most establishments, come with the price of the bath itself. The prices on the list on the wall seemed excessive, perhaps to a factor of five or more.

The prices, of course, were in terms of copper tarsks. For purposes of comparison, in many paga taverns, one may have paga and food, and a girl for the alcove, if one wants, for a single copper tarsk. Dancers, to be sure, sometimes cost two.

Renegades of Gor, p. 71

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