A girl in a market knows she is to be sold.

A girl in a market knows she is to be sold.
Accordingly she will often try to influence a man she finds attractive to buy her. If he does not buy her, she knows she may be bought by one who is worse.

Most girls, of course, prefer to be bought by a man who is exciting and attractive to them, one whom they would find irresistible, one whom they would desire to serve, rather than by one who is gross and disgusting to them. To be sure, as slave girls, they would have to serve either perfectly.

The decision as to whether the girl is to be purchased or not, is, of course, in the final analysis, totally the man’s. In this respect the girl must wait, and is absolutely helpless. In this respect she has as little personal control over her fate as an inanimate, displayed object in an emporium on Earth.

Savages of Gor, p. 109

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