“And at the end of the day,” I said,

“And at the end of the day,” I said, “you may expect to be chained at your master’s slave ring.”
“Surely I would be permitted on his couch,” she said.
“Do you think you would be a free companion?” I asked.
“No, Master,” she said.
“Expect to be chained to his slave ring, on the floor, at the foot of his couch.”
“Chained?” she said.
“As any other animal,” I said.
“By the neck or the left ankle,” I said.
“I see,” she said.
“If you are fortunate,” I said, “you might be permitted a mat and blanket.”
“To be sure,” I said, “you might have to earn them.”
“Earn them?” she said. “How?”
“How do you think?” I asked.
“I see,” she said.
“It is yours to serve and please your master.”
“I would hope to do so,” she said.
“Do you think you can kneel and belly, and crawl, and lick and kiss, and beg, and thrash and writhe?” I asked.
“A slave must obey,” she said.
“A slave such as you,” I said, “will not be able to help herself.”
“She will beg to do so,” I said.

Mariners of Gor, p. 434

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