And I have always been denied women, warned about them

“And I have always been denied women, warned about them, scolded when I expressed interest in them, sometimes beaten when I looked upon them.”

“I know a world where such things, in a sense, are often done,” I said, “a world in which, for political purposes, and to further the interests and ambitions of certain factions, there are wholesale attempts to suppress, thwart, stunt and deny manhood. This results, of course, also in the cessation or diminishment of womanhood, but that does not concern the factions as it is only their own interests which are of importance to them.”

“How could such things come about?” “Simply,” I said.

“On an artificial world, conditioned to approve of negativistic ideologies, with determination and organization, and techniques of psychological manipulation, taking advantage of antibiological antecedents, they may be easily accomplished.”

“Even deviancy, and madness, threatening the future of the world itself?” he asked. “Certainly,” I said. He shuddered.

“Some people are afraid to open their eyes,” I said.

“Why?” he asked. “They have been told it is wrong to do so.”

“That is insanity,” he said. “No,” I said.

“It is cleverness on the part of those who fear only that others will see.” He shuddered again.

“But perhaps one day they will open their eyes,” I said.

Magicians of Gor, p. 804-805

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