And the flowers,” said the girl, “are talenders.

“And the flowers,” said the girl, “are talenders. They are a beautiful flower. They are often associated with love.”
“Some free women do not approve of slaves being permitted to wear talenders,” she said, “or being permitted to have representations of them, like these, on their frocks. Yet slaves do often wear them, the masters permitting it, and they are not an uncommon motif, the masters seeing to it, on their garments.”
“Why do free women object?” I asked.
“They feel that a slave, who must love whomever she is commanded to love, can know nothing of love.”
“Oh,” I said.
“But I have been both free and slave,” she said, “and, forgive me, Mistress, but I think that it is only a slave, in her vulnerability and helplessness, who can know what love truly is.”

Kajira of Gor, p. 72

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