“Belly,” he said.

“Belly,” he said.
She slipped to her belly on the deck, her hands forward, beneath her shoulders. She lifted herself a little from the deck, lifting her head, still half concealed in hood, to Calliodorus and Aemilianus. Her lips were lovely, and trembling.
“Go to your back,” said Calliodorus.
She lay on her back.
Suddenly she lifted one knee, and pointed her toes. She had realized then, suddenly, that something was being done to her analogous, in its small way, to putting a girl through slave paces. She tried her best to be appealing.
“To your belly, again,” said Calliodorus.
He had hardly spoken before she was on her belly, as before. Quick was she, she would show him, to obey.
“Kneel,” he said.
She returned to her kneeling position.
“Your movements are not displeasing,” he said.
“I am grateful that they have not offended you,” she said.

Renegades of Gor, p. 551

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