“But clearly,” he said, “flight is unacceptable.”

“But clearly,” he said, “flight is unacceptable. Many punishments are condign. Whippings, close chains, onerous tasks, restriction of diet in quantity and quality, or both, unpleasant slave modalities, shaving the head, denying clothing, public nudity, and such.

Afterwards, of course, if the offense should be repeated, one can always think of hamstringing, the removal of feet, the feeding to eels or sleen, or such. One of the best discouragements of flight, of course, is prompt recapture, this convincing the slave that flight is pointless, and impractical. Too, of course, there is always the danger, if one manages to elude one master, of falling into a more severe, more grievous bondage, which is almost certain to be inflicted on an apprehended fugitive slave.

Plunder of Gor, p. 438

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