“Can you read, noble masters?” asked Dorna.

“Can you read, noble masters?” asked Dorna.
“No,” said Florian.
“Do you take us for scribes?” said Miles, apparently offended.
“No, no, forgive me,” said Dorna.

This exchange will be better understood if it is understood that many Goreans cannot read, particularly in the lower castes, and, interestingly, in the scarlet caste, the casteof Warriors, as well, a high caste. Indeed, who would be so bold as to claim that the Warriors was not a high caste? It would help, too, to understand that, unlike on my former world, an inability to read is not taken as particularly regrettable or shameful. One does not expect the metal worker to be skilled at baking or the baker to be adept at metal work. So why should bakers and metal workers be expected to be skillful or adept at reading and writing, the expertise of the scribe? Indeed, some castes rather look down on the scribes. What do scribes know about baking or metal work?

Indeed, some Goreans who can read, particularly amongst the Warriors, feign an inability to read, considering it embarrassing or unseemly for their caste.

Quarry of Gor, p. 184

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