Consider merely three aspects of slave dependence

For example, consider merely three aspects of slave dependence.

One, the slave may not speak without the permission of the master, and though many slaves have a standing permission to speak, that permission may be revoked at any time.

Two, the slave has no control over her own clothing. If she is clothed, at all, it will be when the master permits, and as the master directs.

Three, the slave has no control over her own food.

Although she commonly prepares and serves the food, she must wait until the master permits her to eat. The first bite, of course, the first sip, and such, will be taken by the master. Needless to say, it behooves the slave to prepare ample, nourishing, and tasty meals. Commonly the slave participates in, and enjoys, the same meal as the master, he sitting and she kneeling. Occasionally she must be content with porridge or slave gruel, and water, these taken from bowls placed on the floor, to which she must address herself on all fours without the use of her hands.

Quarry of Gor, p. 191

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