Does Mistress wish to dress like a man?

“Mistress had not yet dressed,” she said. She then went to the sliding doors at the side of the room, and moved them aside. Thus were revealed the habiliments of what was apparently an extensive and resplendent wardrobe. She brought forth a lovely, brief, lined, sashed, shimmering yellow-silk robe and, holding it up, displayed it for me.
I was much taken by it, but it seemed almost excitingly sensuous.
“Have you nothing simpler, nothing plainer, nothing coarser?” I asked.
“Something more masculine?” asked the girl.
“Yes,” I said, uncertainly. I had not really thought of it exactly like that, or not consciously, but it now seemed to me as if that might be right.
“Does Mistress wish to dress like a man?” she asked.
“No,” I said, “I suppose not. Not really.”
“I can try to find a man’s clothing for Mistress if she wishes,” said the girl.
“No,” I said. “No.” It was not really that I wanted to wear a man’s clothing, literally. It was only that I thought that it might be better to wear a more mannish type of clothing. After all, had I not been taught that I was, for most practical purposes, the same as a man, and not something deeply and radically different? Too, such garb has its defensive purposes.
Is it not useful, for example, in helping a girl to keep men from seeing her as what she is, a woman?

Kajira of Gor, p. 81

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