Generally, the more intelligent the woman the better the slave

Generally, the more intelligent the woman the better the slave. The more intelligent woman is more likely to be in touch with her feelings and needs than a duller, more inert woman. She is also likely to be less socially controlled, so more willing to explore these needs and desires, and such, than a less intelligent woman. Too, from the man’s point of view, it is desirable to have a more intelligent woman as a slave, for a variety of reasons. They tend to be attractive; they tend to have strong needs; they train quickly, and well; it is seldom necessary to whip them, though it is useful, for their own instruction and benefit, to occasionally do so; it is easier to hone their slave reflexes; they come to orgasm more quickly and helplessly; they are useful in anticipating your desires and are inventive and devoted in their service.

It is also, of course, pleasant, as they are intelligent, to engage them in intimate, and often intellectual, discourse, often for long periods at a time. Such discussions often have an interesting ambiance when the female is naked and collared.

Players of Gor, p. 353-354

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