Goreans, incidentally, do not object to intelligence in a woman

Goreans, incidentally, do not object to intelligence in a woman. I trust that this acceptance of female intelligence is not surprising, or disturbing, to males of Earth.

Most Goreans, for example, have no objection to taking a highly intelligent woman in hand, and stripping her and collaring her, and teaching her her womanhood. They will do this with her as readily as with any other sort of woman. They do not object to having such a woman at their feet, perhaps cleaning them with her tongue. They will fasten her at their slave ring as readily, and as casually, and use her as lengthily and richly there, as any other sort of female, perhaps more so. And there is a consensus, interestingly, that intelligent women make the best slaves. They swiftly understand what is required of them—namely, everything. They train brilliantly and serve with perfection. As they are intelligent, they are likely to be sooner in touch with their deepest nature and needs than a less intelligent woman, who is likely to be more a victim of social engineering, and more mired in a conditioned image alien to her deeper self.

The less intelligent woman is likely to be so much a victim of her culture that she may fight coming to grips with her basic biotruths for weeks. She is determined to resist her femininity and womanhood; she struggles to be what others have told her she should be rather than what, in occasional still moments, she senses herself to be.

The intelligent woman, on the other hand, may attain insights in days, or even hours, which a less intelligent woman may not come to for weeks. She learns her place in nature with celerity. In the keeping of true men, so different from most of those of her old world, she swiftly learns to kneel and obey, in grateful relief.

The more intelligent woman, more in tune with her nature and needs, and who is inclined to have a rich inner life, has in her fantasies and dreams enacted realities upon herself whose roots lie in the most secret recesses of her subconscious mind, in the dispositional latencies of her most secret heart; she has in her dreams and fantasy life relived ancient existences, recollected flights and servitudes, bindings and captures, and familiarized herself with thongs and collars; in her dreams and fantasy life she has readied herself to fulfill again her ancient destiny; she has readied herself to be again the prey of man, the fruit of his harvesting, the victim of his conquest. She has longed for a master and, in effect, has prepared herself for him. She desires to be overwhelmed and to have no choice but absolute submission. Stripped and hurled to his feet she understands the strength of men, and their desire and will. Knelt, she looks up at him, and realizes she will not be permitted to resist the ecstasies which he will enforce upon her. The collar is locked on her neck. She knows now she belongs to him. As a slave girl she licks and kisses the whip. She chains well and is splendidly needful at the slave ring. 

Savages of Gor, p. 294-295

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