“Have no fear, well-curved, delectable morsel of collar meat,” I said

“I recall you from Earth,” I said.

“Forget me as I was on Earth. I am not as she, that little thing, any longer. Oh, yes, we may look alike! Our hair and eye color may be the same. We may be much the same weight, be similarly complexioned and figured, and such, but we are different. We are quite different! She was free. I am not! She wore no collar. I do! She dressed with reserve and concealment. I may not. She was shielded by law. I am not! She was a person. I am a property! She was a citizen. I am an animal! She might disdain men. I may not. Rather I am of a sort that is owned by them, and must fear them. She might hold men in contempt. I may not. I must kneel to them, and hope to please them. She held herself superior to male scrutiny. I may not. See me as I am! I lie before you. My lineaments are exhibited. I am assessed, nude and bound, a slave, at your feet. And I must hope that you will not be displeased. She was not branded. I am marked. She knew nothing of slave rings. I have been chained to them! She needed not fear the whip. I am subject to it! We are different! I am different! Put from your mind all thoughts of me as I 446 was then, that sexually inert, pretentious, silly little fool! I am no longer as she! She was free! I am not! I have been embonded! Embonded! I have been in the hands of Gorean men! I have been changed! I am a slave, that, totally! Handle me then, treat me then, as what I am, a slave, only that! I beg it—Master, Master!”
“Perhaps,” I said.
“I am a woman!” she cried. “I want a master!”
“You have one,” I told her.
“Impose your will upon me! Dominate me! I want to obey you! See that I do, and with perfection! Be strict with me! Give me no choice! Remember the whip! Use it on me, if I am not pleasing!”
“I will,” I said.
“I have always wanted to be mastered,” she said. “I have always wanted to love, and serve, with the sweetness of a slave, devotedly, heatedly, gladly, rightlessly, helplessly! I have always wanted bondage. I have thrilled to the feel of ropes on my body, and straps. I love to be stripped, and belled, and collared and chained. I love to kneel and serve. It gives me great pleasure to be dominated by a male, to be subject to a man’s commands, and to obey unquestioningly. How right that seems! My brand is precious to me. I would not trade this lovely token of what I am for all the treasures in the house of Croesus, or the warehouses of Mintar, merchant of Ar. I have always wanted to be found beautiful, and desirable, and to be taken in hand by a strong, lustful man, one who truly wants me, one who desires me with might, and with irresistible fury and power, and, as he wants it so, and it pleases him, made his slave. I want to love, and serve. I want to be owned and prized, I want to obey a master, and be found pleasing by him. I want bondage, and I love it! Enforce it upon me, fully, Master, even when I sob, and protest, and cry out for mercy. I beg it. That is how I want to live! It is what is right for me! I cannot be complete without it! I beg to be mastered! Chain me at your pleasure, command me, put me to your slave ring, whip me when you wish. I am yours! Do with me what you will! I am naught but your slave! Oh, Master, beloved Master, master me! I beg it! Master me, Master! Please master me, Master, wholly!”

“Have no fear, well-curved, delectable morsel of collar meat,” I said, “you will know an unqualified bondage, that of the Gorean slave girl.”

Guardsmen of Gor, p. 445-447

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