He, after all, held the whip

He, after all, held the whip. On the other hand, I had gathered, from the reports of instructors and guards, as I had expected, that she was a woman who understood that she was a woman, and accordingly, in the order of nature, wished to defer to men, and be pleasing to them. These inclinations are obvious consequences of the nature of the hereditary coils.

Despite the distortions, the curbs, and obstacles, of a pathological acculturation, stunting minds and shortening lives, nature, embedded in each cell in the human body, persists. Nature, like a living plant, may be crippled, stunted, denied, poisoned, and, if necessary, uprooted and destroyed, but it returns again, patient, latent, ready, alive, in each new child, in each new seed.

Smugglers of Gor, p. 31

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