“Here,” he said, “you are illiterate.”

“Here,” he said, “you are illiterate.”
“I cannot even read my collar,” I said.
“You do not need to read it,” he said, “as long as you know what it says.”
“May I ask what it says?” I asked.
“It says,” he said, “‘I belong to Desmond of Harfax.’“
It is a common way, amongst slave girls, when inquiring another girl’s master, to ask,
“Who whips you?” I would then answer,
“Desmond of Harfax,” or “My master is Desmond of Harfax.”
To be sure, the girl may never have felt the whip, at all. If a girl is pleasing she would be seldom, if ever, whipped. And, naturally, we try our best to be pleasing and hope to be found pleasing. It is in our best interest to be found pleasing.

Conspirators of Gor, p. 553

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