How different many men of Earth would find this from the petulant women

How different many men of Earth would find this from the petulant, unhappy, dissatisfied women they know.

Of course, those women have not been put in collars. If there is a battle of the sexes, or war of the sexes, which must inevitably be the case amongst competitive pseudoneuters, or dimorphic partisans culturally engineered to repudiate one of most obvious facts of nature, the complementarity of sexualities, it has been resolved on Gor, at least amongst masters and slaves, in favor of masters. The biological sovereignty of the male is well understood in a natural world.

Gorean men have not permitted themselves to be tricked out of their ancient birthright, inscribed in the charters of ancestry, documented in the very annals of the human genome. Gorean men have opted for pleasure and power over grief and misery. Let each make his own choice.

Woman is not whole until she has been overcome. If there is a war of the sexes it is one that women cannot win without losing, and one in which only in losing can they win.

Players of Gor, p. 615-616

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