How natural it now seemed to me to kneel before a free male

How natural it now seemed to me to kneel before a free male! It now seemed to me right that I should be so positioned. Before such men I, a slave, belonged so. I would have been considerably uneasy, even frightened, to be standing in his presence. How presumptuous, how insolent, how perilous that would have been!

On my world, I had occasionally, though very, very seldom, felt an inclination to kneel before a man, one man or another, to assume before him this appropriate posture of respect and submission, appropriate for a female before a male, but, of course, I had not done so.

I doubted if the men of my former world would even have understood this. Perhaps, confused, stammering, embarrassed, they would have chidingly hastened me to my feet, rather than commanding me, one submitted, to minister to theirs. Surely I remembered one man, one man encountered on my former world, though a man not of that world, one encountered in the aisle of a large emporium, before whom, startled, I could barely stand, and before whom I had felt I should kneel, head down, submitting myself to his survey and power, his authority, his manhood, but I had not done so. I had turned about, terrified, and fled.

Later I had looked up at him, naked, on my back, bound hand and foot. It seems, after all, that I had been found of interest, if only as a slave, a property, a possession, a toy. In any event, there seemed few men of my former world before whom one would have been tempted to kneel, before whom it would have seemed appropriate to kneel. But then I had not realized at that time that such men as Goreans could exist. Perhaps they were such as men might once have been, on my old world, but no longer were. In any event I knew that I, at least as a slave, belonged at their feet. It was my place. They understood this, and I did, as well. It was reassuring to be so before them. I was then where I belonged. I looked up at him, the free male.


Smugglers of Gor, p. 104-105

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