“I am in your power,” she said. “You can do with me as you wish.”

“I am in your power,” she said. “You can do with me as you wish. I beg to be taken to the loot pits. I beg to be taken there, or sold!”
“No,” I said.
“Keep me then for yourselves!” she said, looking from me to Marcus, and back again.
“No,” I said.
“Surely you do not doubt that I am a slave, and need to be a slave!” she wept.
“I do not doubt that,” I said. “But I think it is a bit early to harvest you.”
“Harvest me?” she said.
“Yes,” I said.

This expression was a common one used of the acquisition of women. It suggests, I suppose, the picking of dangling, defenseless, ready fruit in an orchard. Too, it doubtless suggests that nature in her wisdom and bounty, in a sort of biological horticulture, has prepared and intended women for men, and has accordingly seen to it that they may be easily acquired.

“Surely you have seen such slips of girls chained in the loot lines of conquered cities,” he said.
“She is rather young,” I said. “Also we owe something to her father.”

Magicians of Gor, p.348

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