“I am of the Merchants,” I said.

“I am of the Merchants,” I said.
“The Slavers,” he said.
I shrugged.
“The Slavers,” he said.
“Very well, the Slavers,” I said. We regard ourselves as a subcaste of the Merchants. Do we not acquire, and buy, and sell? What difference is there, other than the nature of the goods handled?
“Slavers,” said he, “are cunning, and skilled with weapons.”
“Much like the scarlet caste,” I said.
“Or the black caste,” he said.
“I am not an assassin ” I said. I wondered if he were.
“Slavers must plan, and raid, and seize,” he said. “Often they must fight their way into a house, or pleasure garden, and fight their way free.”

Smugglers of Gor, p. 44

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