“I beg slavery,” she said.

“I beg slavery,” she said.
“You understand, of course,” he said, “that the slavery for which you beg is one which is total and absolute?”
“Yes,” she said. I smiled to myself. It would be a Gorean slavery.
“You seemed to think earlier,” said Samos, “that such a slavery might be all right for your maidens, but not for yourself.”
“I was wrong,” she said. “I am no different from them. We are all members of the slave sex. I, too, am only a female.”
“I hesitate,” said Samos.
“Do you hesitate,” she asked, “because of some lack of certitude as to my nature, for fear of some impropriety or subtle lack of fittingness in such an action?”
“Dismiss such reservations from your mind,” she said. Her body suddenly shook with sobs. “My pretense to freedom was always a sham. It was my envy of men, my hatred of my sex, and what I sensed to be its true nature, which prompted me to such deceptions, to such unpleasantness, hostility, and arrogance. I am now ready to be a woman. Indeed, in this, I sense a possible fulfillment greater than any of which I have hitherto dreamed. How marvelous to cast aside the artificiality of roles and become, at last, what one truly is, biologically, one’s self!”
“Speak more clearly” said Samos.
“It is appropriate that I be enslaved,” she said.
“Why?” he asked.
“Because,” she said, “in the deepest heart and belly of me I am a slave.”
“How do you know?” he asked.
“It has been made clear to me in my needs,” she said. “It has been made clear to me in my feelings. For years it has been made manifest to me in hidden thoughts and secret desires, in countless recurrent dreams and fantasies. In such modalities, again and again, insistently, I have been spoken to by my deepest self.”
“Interesting,” said Samos.
“Enslave me,” she said.
“No,” he said.
She looked at him with horror. The fellow with the sword renewed his two-handed grip on its hilt.
“Pronounce yourself slave,” said Samos. The fellow relaxed his grip on the hilt.
“Do not make me do this,” she begged. “Pity me! Consider my sensibilities!”
His face was expressionless.
“I am a slave,” she said, pronouncing herself slave. Several of the slave girls cried out. There was now a new slave on Gor.

Players of Gor, p. 22-25

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