„I can be attractive, if I wish,’ she said.

„I can be attractive, if I wish,’ she said. ‘I doubt it,’ he said. ‘Behold!’ she said, striking a pose. ‘It is fraudulent,’ he said.

„Women such as you understand nothing of attractiveness. With you it is a matter of externals, of acting. Any true man sees through it immediately. You confuse the pretense with the truth, the artificial and imitative with reality. You think you could become attractive but merely choose not to do so. It is a delusion, as you understand these things.

This permits you to console yourself with lies and, at the same time, provides you with an excuse for despising and belittling the truly attractive woman, thinking she is merely, as you would be, if you were she, acting. But this is not true.

The source of a woman’s attractiveness is within her. It is internal. It comes from the inside out. She is vulnerable, and desires men, and wishes to be touched and owned. This then shows in her body and movements, and in her eyes and face. That is the truly attractive woman.’“

Explorers of Gor, p. 217

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