“I cannot believe the feelings I had,” she whispered.

“I cannot believe the feelings I had,” she whispered.
“You must endure such feelings, and more,” I said, “when men choose to impose them upon you.”
“Yes, Master,” she whispered, in awe.

The extent and nature of such feelings, I think, are largely a function of the individuals involved. To be sure, they are usually, too, a function of many other factors, as well. For example, in this particular case, I suspected that her chaining might have been a factor. Restraining the female, sometimes symbolically, sometimes in fashions which are literally physically coercive, making her absolutely helpless, for various reasons, psychological and physical, intensifies her orgasm.

This sort of thing, I suppose, is largely unknown to free women, though many seem to suspect it, dimly or otherwise.

Its reality, of course, can become clear to them, for example, as they might find themselves on their knees, bound, kissing a man’s whip. The most significant restraint, of course, is the condition of bondage itself, in which the woman knows that the male is dominant over her and that she must submit to him, that she is owned, and must, in fear of very life, be obedient, and pleasing. Slavery institutionalizes, in an organized, social, civilized context, the natural biological relationship between men and women. It also, of course, as one would expect, by means of various devices, legal and otherwise, clarifies it and renders it more efficient.

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