“I doubt that you are, at present, aware of this,” he said

“I doubt that you are, at present, aware of this,” he said, “but the strongest bond on a female slave is not fiber, leather, cord, or iron. It is her slave needs.”
“Men have made her so!” I said.
“Yes,” he said.
“But I would not,” I whispered, “have it otherwise.”
“It will not be otherwise,” he said. “No wonder free women hate us so!” I said.
“They know women belong to men,” he said, “and in the slave it is manifest, for there before them is a woman who belongs to men.”
“Yes, Master,” I said.
“Too,” he said, “they are furious that the slave’s beauty is public, as they secretly wish was theirs, and that men, when they want pleasure, rather than station, opportunity, advancement, position, prestige, and such, seek out not them, but the slave. They resent it, too, that the slave’s sexual needs are deep, profound, and blatant, and that she satisfies them. Too, they suspect the slave’s erotic ecstasies, afflicting her entire mind and body, the glow imbuing her entire yielded, subdued existence, the profundity of the submitted female’s succession of uncontrollable orgasms, the raptures of a begging, thrashing chattel’s responses, the daily joy, in large things and small, she knows in a master’s collar.”

Conspirators of Gor, p. 558-559

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