I was then relieved of the neck chain

I was then relieved of the neck chain. And then one of Lysander’s men, in the light of the lamp, above the collar I wore, snapped a new collar about my neck. My former collar, then, that of Lysander of Market of Semris, was removed. There was no moment then when I had not been collared. Both collars were common collars, light, close-­fitting, locked in the back. Nothing about either collar would be likely to be noticed, save that their occupant wore them.
“I am Tullius Quintus,” said Tullius Quintus. “I am your master.”
“Yes, Master,” I said.
“Whose slave are you?” he asked.
“I am the slave of Tullius Quintus,” I said.
“Of Ar,” he said.
“Of Ar,” I said.

Plunder of Gor, p. 110

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