If he sits at a table, she will kneel near him

If he sits at a table, she will kneel near him. If he sits cross-legged, at one of the low, small tables found in many Gorean domiciles, indeed, almost universally, she will also kneel, usually to his right, at the same table.

She may not, of course, as she is a slave, feed until permitted, just as she may not dress herself or speak without permission. To be sure, it is common in many households that she has a standing permission to do such things, which standing permission may, of course, be instantly revoked.

It might be of interest to note that even Gorean free women, given the usual absence of chairs or benches in Gorean households, often regarded as awkward, unaesthetic clutter, will kneel.

Sitting cross-legged is expected of men, kneeling of women. Sometimes the wild women of the forests, particularly in the north, will sit cross-legged. But when captured or enslaved they, too, will kneel. In collars they quickly, gratefully, learn their womanhood.

Plunder of Gor, p. 46

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