If some women are natural slaves, and know this in their hearts

“If some women are natural slaves, and know this in their hearts,” I said, “would you prefer that they conceal this from the world? Do such lies please you? Do you commend them, truly? Would you advise these women to indulge in deceit, to rejoice in the practice of hypocrisy? What do you say to their needs? Are these of no importance, because they may not appeal to you, personally? Do you encourage them to deprivation? Do you really prescribe for them in their tumult and yearning larger and larger, and more and more bitter, doses of frustration? Must everyone be as you think perhaps you yourself should be, as you desperately command yourself to be? What do you fear? What accounts for your hostility, your venomous resentment? Would you truly keep them from their natural fulfillment?”

“I suppose not,” said Boabissia, “if they are truly such things.”

“Yet, there are some I have heard of,” I said, “who might deny a natural slave her bondage, even by law, no matter what might be the mental, emotional, and physical damage of this.”

“That is absurd,” said Boabissia. “Slavery is fitting, morally and legally, for the natural slave, of course. No one in their right mind could conceive of denying that.”

“For natural slaves?” I said.

“Yes,” she said.

Mercenaries of Gor, p. 347-348

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