In the dining hall of the inn of Tasdron

In the dining hall of the inn of Tasdron, I had knelt her beside my table. As my resources had been considerably replenished the previous evening, I had breakfasted well, on larma, vulo eggs, fried sul, roast bosk, sa-tarna, and even black wine, the beans for which, I supposed, derived from the far slopes of the Thentis mountains, and may have been brought west at some risk.

For the girl I ordered a bowl of slave gruel, to be placed on the floor beside the table, from which she would feed, head down, without the use of her hands. At two of the other tables, slaves, kneeling beside the table, were also given slave gruel. Their masters did permit them to hold the bowl with both hands, but were not otherwise permitted to use their hands.

Smugglers of Gor, p. 63

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