Interestingly, the Gorean slave girl

Interestingly, the Gorean slave girl, while technically not entitled to modesty, and often delightfully shameless with her master, also has her modesties. For example, in public, she can be as jealous of her brief tunic as a free woman of her veil and robes of concealment.

There is a delicate distinction here, but one which is not obscure. The slave girl is commonly proud of her beauty, and delights in its display. After all, she has been found “collar worthy.” Indeed, many free women think they flaunt their beauty. Certainly she does not apologize for it, nor regret being found attractive to men. And, too, she commonly loves the exposure of her tunic, and the glorious freedom of movement it gives her. But it still affords her a veil, a last veil, so to speak. She is not nude. This is important to her. Thus, she is likely to be as jealous of, and as concerned about, her tiny garment as the free woman of the layers of her more cumbersome raiment. Indeed, one of the powers the master holds over her is his decision as to whether or not she will be permitted clothing. Withdrawing this permission can be a punishment; permitting clothing may express his satisfaction with the slave.

Needless to say, many slaves are very attentive to their service, and strive zealously to please, that they may be found worthy of raiment, even so little as a knotted rag. Some masters like to keep their girls nude in their own compartments, save for their collars. They may do as they please, for they own them. I think I have suggested that at gatherings of men, at which free women are not present, it is not uncommon for slaves to serve similarly. Men enjoy being served by naked, collared women. This form of nudity is also the case in some low paga taverns. There the girls are likely to serve in collars and bells, and sometimes in chains. Normally, in public, a slave is clothed, however minimally. And that bit of clothing, you see, is likely to be very precious to her. The slave girl then, whether entitled to them or not, is likely to have her modesties, as do most women, about which she cares deeply. It is generally understood, of course, save for ruffians, discourteous pranksters, and such, that the right to remove her last veil, so to speak, belongs to the master.

On the other hand, nudity is not as shocking or surprising on Gor as it seems to be, generally, on Earth. Girls may be sent on errands nude, usually as a punishment, they are often nude in coffles, when chained in sales pavilions, and so on. Similarly, Gorean workmen, on hot days, sometimes work nude, and nudity is common in the segregated baths and men’s gymnasiums. Nudity is also common in races and athletic games. Some warriors enter battle with no more than their battle straps, and their shield, helmet, and weapons.

Mercenaries of Gor, p. 639-640

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