It is not at all unusual on Gor for a male, any male to be familiar with the binding of women.

It is not at all unusual on Gor for a male, any male, and not simply a warrior, a guardsman, a raider, a slaver, or such, to be familiar with the binding of women. Indeed, boys are commonly trained in these skills once they reach adolescence. It is thought, correctly I suppose, that they will not be likely to need these skills until that time. Indeed, this sort of thing is one of those things that Gorean boys look forward to as it is not only pleasant in itself, but is, in its way, a sign that they are now regarded as having grown up. It is a rite of passage, in its way, one of several toward Gorean manhood.

Soon, too, at least in the high cities, they may be able to put away the tunic of boyhood and don their first robe of manhood. Sometimes the manhood robe is associated, as well, with the ceremony of the Home Stone. About this, however, I do not know a great deal, as Goreans tend not to be loquacious in such matters.

But, of course, in general, to return to our point, having to do with the binding of women, anyone who owns a slave, or has anything to do with them, would be expected to be familiar with this sort of thing, with a variety of interesting and efficient ties, useful for various purposes, in all of which the woman is utterly helpless, totally at one’s mercy. These are, of course, obvious and practical skills, simply called for and to be expected, in a social milieu of the nature of Gorean society.

Rogue of Gor, p.73-74

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