It would be difficult to imagine Gor without her slaves

It would be difficult to imagine Gor without her slaves, and without her beauty, her freshness, and her accord with girls themselves, of course, are well aware, those beauties in their collars, the luscious little beasts, that they are an important and precious, and valuable and beautiful, element in Gorean society, domestic animal or no, and accordingly they commonly walk with pride. Most Gorean slave girls, once they make the adjustment to the collar, are radiantly happy. Society, particularly its males, rejoices in their existence. The male fulfills himself in the mastery, and the girl, sheltered, and cared for and nurtured, and commonly loved, even madly, though masters usually attempt to conceal this from their slaves, receives the strict, uncompromising domination without which she cannot attain her full womanhood. Society approves of their status, and they themselves desire it. No wonder they walk with grace and beauty; no wonder they walk proudly. They have been found woman enough, and feminine enough, and exciting enough, and desirable enough, and beautiful enough to be put in the collar.

Fighting Slave of Gor, p.588-589

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