“Kneel!” commanded the free woman. Lale struggled to her knees.

“Kneel!” commanded the free woman. Lale struggled to her knees.
“Get on all fours,” said the woman.
Lale was then on all fours.
“You are now in the modality of the she-quadruped,” said my hostess.
Lale moaned.
“Esne,” called my hostess. That woman, she who had earlier taken the Lady Labiena from the floor, came over.
She, too, carried a whip, and was dressed in brief leather, rather like that of a warrior. At her belt was a chain leash.
My hostess made a sign and Lale was leashed.
“Can you understand me, my little she-quadruped?” asked my hostess. “Whimper once for ‘Yes,’ whimper twice for “No.’”
Lale whimpered once.
“Good,” said my hostess. “You are a bright little she-quadruped.”
The chain shook, as Lale trembled.
“Have you ever served as a she-quadruped before?” asked my hostess.
Lale whimpered twice.
“But you understand something of what is involved, do you not?” asked my hostess.
One whimper.
“For two weeks,” said my hostess, “or more, if I choose, you will be chained in the darkness, in one of the back alcoves, serving there as a speechless animal any who may come upon you or desire you.”
Lale groaned in pain.
“Do you understand?” asked my hostess.
Lale whimpered once.
“Take her away,” said my hostess.

Mercenaries of Gor, p. 484-485

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