“Kneel,” said Peisistratus to the girl

“Kneel,” said Peisistratus to the girl, “now, instantly! Back on your heels. Spread your knees!”
“My knees!” she cried.
“Yes,” he said, “widely. More widely! Straighten your back, place your hands, palms down, on your thighs, lift your head, look straight ahead!”

“Up, slut, position, position!” said Peisistratus.
Wildly, frantically, sobbing, tears streaming from her eyes, in pain, the brunette knelt before Peisistratus, in position, as required.
“Keep your hands on your thighs!” snapped Peisistratus, for she had dared to move to cover herself.

Too, he was pleased to see her in position. She looked well in position, in the position of a Gorean female slave, indeed, rather, in the position of a Gorean female slave of a particular sort, the Gorean female pleasure slave.

Kur of Gor, p. 190-191

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