Masters differ; slaves differ.

Masters differ; slaves differ. Some masters, incidentally, require a slave to request her whipping, even beg for it, from his kindness, petitioning that she may thereby be improved in her service. Afterwards, he may require her to thank him for her whipping, expressing her gratitude for his concern, his thoughtfulness, his solicitude, for her reform and correction. Here again, of course, masters differ, and slaves differ.

This begging, and thanking, of course, is hardly likely to be heartfelt. How could it be? The whip, after all, hurts. It is merely an additional element in her punishment. I personally, again, am uncertain of the value of this way of doing things. It seems a bit excessive, if not hypocritical. I prefer a slave’s punishments to be crisp, effective, and well understood. Too, of course, rules and expectations should be clear and consistent, and the slave must understand, and expect, that any shortcomings, lapses, laxities, infringements or transgressions on her part from these rules and expectations will be reliably and predictably dealt with.

That is important. She is to be fully pleasing. She is a slave. Some women, it seems, on the other hand, do not even begin to understand their collar until, having felt the lash, and again and again, and now living in terror of it, they have learned to whimper, and shudder, and weep and cringe, naked, at a master’s feet. It seems that is essential to convincing them.

Masters differ; slaves differ.

That is always an option, of course. But is a woman who understands the categoricality and absoluteness of her bondage not preferable? Is an eager, loving, contented, joyful slave, grateful for her collar and her mastering, joyous to be the property of a strong man, one enraptured to belong to her master, one grateful for her thrillingly fulfilling bondage, not preferable?

Renegades of Gor, p. 281

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