Men and women did not even eat in the same way

Men and women did not even eat in the same way.

“Exceptions can occur under certain circumstances, of course,” said the girl. “Mistress might, for example, in the presence of a man she wishes to arouse, take a larger than normal bite from a fresh fruit, and look at the man over the fruit, letting juice, a tiny trickle of it, run at the side of her mouth.”

“But why would I wish to arouse a man?” I asked.
The girl looked at me, puzzled.
“Perhaps the needs of Mistress might be much upon her,” she said. “Perhaps she might wish to be taken and overwhelmed in his arms, and forced to surrender to him.”
“I do not understand,” I said, as though horrified.
“That is because Mistress is free,” she said.

Kajira of Gor, p. 95

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