Most women do not truly wish to be men.

“What counts on Earth as the liberation of women,” I said, “is conformance to a certain stereotype, an aggressive, manlike, Lesbian image, one alien to, and offensive to, most normal women. Most women do not truly wish to be men.

They find it difficult to believe that they cannot be true women until they are like men. A true liberation of women might be desirable, one which would permit them to be themselves, whatever they might be, a liberation that would free a woman to be feminine rather than constrict her to the imitation of manhood, a liberation without preset images and goals, which would permit her to find herself, wherever and however she might be, honestly, a liberation that would not be a gibberish of political prescriptions, a facsimile of the most sordid side of alien, malelike egoisms, a liberation that would free women in all their latent richness, their diversities and glories, that would be open enough to accept gratefully and, yes, celebrate such currently denigrated properties as softness, tenderness, and love.

A liberation of a woman, too, which does not permit her to be wild and free and sensuous, and true to her true needs, is not a liberation but a new imprisonment.”

Beasts of Gor, p. 391

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