“No,” I said. “And lest you be misled by my apparently speaking to you”

“No,” I said. “And lest you be misled by my apparently speaking to you intimately of important things, disabuse yourself of any presumption of standing in my estimation. You are a slave with me, pretty little former enemy, lovely little slut, only that, no more than a slave. Abandon any expectations of lenience, let alone favoritism. Understand clearly my beauty, my former enemy, now my slave, that I now own you, that you are my property, and you are no more than an animal to me, a piece of helplessly, arousable slave meat, with which I may sport and toy, with which I may amuse myself, and which I may humiliate and abuse, as I please.

Your feelings concerning, and your views of, your bondage, whether favorable or not, whether relating or terrifying, are of no interest or importance to me. You may be worked from morning until night. You may be used to swill tarsks and clean stables. You may be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. You may be fed on gruel and forced to eat and drink from pans. You may beg for clothing and be denied it. You may accommodate yourself to bracelets and leashes.

You may be bound, and blindfolded and gagged. You will be subject to discipline, and liable to punishment for the least infraction of house policy and rules, or for any failure whatsoever to be less than fully pleasing. You may lament your condition by day and beweep yourself at night in your chains. Such things are immaterial to me. Know that in my house you will be a full slave. Rage or cry, it means naught. In your collar, you are mine, and it will be done with you as I please.”

Tribesmen of Gor, p. 634-635

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