On Gor slaves are not permitted to wear the garments of a free woman

On Gor slaves are not permitted to wear the garments of a free woman, unless with the permission of their masters. It can be a capital offense. Earth-girl slaves brought to Gor would not even know the intricate foldings, drapings and arrangements of such robes. To be sure, there is no need for them to learn such things for they do not pertain to them.

Similarly, bred slaves, beauties raised on the slave farms for later distribution and sale, would not be likely to possess such skills. In their case, too, let such things remain mysteries to them. One of the things which is a part of a Gorean free girl’s education, once she has reached puberty, and particularly if she is of the upper castes, is the intricate couture of the free woman’s wardrobe.

Some slaves, of course, even Earth-girl slaves who have been purchased as women’s serving slaves, are taught these things. The upper-caste Gorean woman, and particularly if she is affluent, is likely to have one or more female serving slaves. Such women seldom dress themselves. Indeed, in some cases, it would not even be easy to do.

Magicians of Gor, p. 827

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