One item in the cell of Dorna I neglected to mention

One item in the cell of Dorna I neglected to mention. It was a holding pole, which, in the case of Dorna, served as a feeding pole. Whereas holding poles differ amongst themselves, depending on accouterments, such as belly chains, neck collars, and bracelets, and the purposes to which they may be applied, the device in Dorna’s cell was rather typical. It was some five feet in height and four inches in diameter. It was anchored solidly, vertically, in the stone flooring of the cell. It lacked a collar arrangement, but it did have a belly chain and adjustable bracelets. The pole in Dorna’s case served primarily as a feeding pole.

As it was used, in her case, the slave is knelt and her back is fastened closely against the pole by the belly chain. Her wrists are then lifted, and fastened well back, and well over her head by the bracelets. In this way she is knelt, held in place, and cannot feed herself. In its way the pole is a rather severe reminder of one aspect of a pervasive understanding in Gorean culture—slave dependence.

Quarry of Gor, p. 191

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