One must respect the status and dignity of the free woman.

One accords the free woman her glory; she is welcome to it; but one derives from the slave the joys of the mastery, in accordance with the inexplicable decrees and mysterious equations of nature. All honor to the free woman! Who would wish to threaten or violate the sanctimonious integuments of her status? One salutes her, she, so proud, lofty, and inert, so tolerant and resigned, or perhaps so inconvenienced and annoyed, she so jealous of her sovereignty, so fearful of the dangers of sensation, she, wrapped in the remote, insulating splendor of her dignity, her rights and independence. How distant she is from the squirming, gasping slave!

One would not expect the free woman, for example, to beg and plead, to writhe and scream with need. It would not be appropriate for her. It would be scarcely dignified.

One must, you see, respect the status and dignity of the free woman. She is, after all, a free person. She is not to be demeaned, not to be taken from herself and simply given to another, not to be owned, not to be taken in hand and dominated, and mastered, and trained, with ruthlessness or amusement, as would be a slave, who is, of course, a form of domestic animal.

On the other hand, as an inverse corollary of this principle, as would be expected, the slave, a domestic animal, is not entitled to the considerations it is common to accord the free woman, and one may, as one wishes, inflict upon her an indefinite succession of ecstasies. The slave is not permitted dignity; she is in a collar; you own her. A free woman is permitted pride, inertness, petulance, and frigidity; a slave is not. The slave may be punished for such pretenses.

The whip exists, and the master, if not pleased, will doubtless use it. Free women exist to please themselves; slaves exist to please the master. Free women stand proudly; the slave kneels. Free women are priceless, but it is the slave for whom men will pay. Free women are admired; slaves are desired. Free women are esteemed; slaves are prized.

Free women are observed; slaves are seen. Free women are noted; slaves are appraised. Free women are revered; slaves are sought. A free woman will commonly have her own bed; a slave will commonly be chained at the foot of her master’s couch. That is where he wants her. The free woman is ennobled; the slave is fulfilled.

Fighting Slave of Gor, p. 464-465

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