Punishments may, of course, be various, and more severe

Punishments may, of course, be various, and more severe.

Usually, of course, one simply reminds her that curiosity is not becoming in a kajira.

As kajirae are usually quite intelligent a word to the wise is usually sufficient. If it is not, there is always the switch or, in serious cases, the lash. It is amusing to sense a slave trying to ferret out information, indirectly, with seemingly irrelevant remarks or observations, or such. Apparently, for some reason, ignorance of one thing or another can be very disturbing for a female, sometimes seemingly excruciatingly so.

I suppose this is a tribute in its way to their intelligence, as well as to their charming nosiness or busybodiness. But let them be kept in ignorance. Do not assuage their excited female curiosity; rather, keep it tantalizingly unsatisfied. Indeed, is the light-hearted, nonchalant infliction of this exquisite torment on slaves not one of a master’s many pleasures? It is acceptable, of course. They are in collars.

Players of Gor, p. 382

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