“Second slave,” I told her

“Second slave,” I told her, which, among the river towns, and in certain cities, particularly in the north, is a way of indicating that I would take the black wine without creams or sugars, and as it came from the pouring vessel, which, of course, in these areas, is handled by the “second slave,” the first slave being the girl who puts down the cups, takes the orders and sees that the beverage is prepared according to the preferences of the one who is being served.

“Second slave,” said the slave of Aemilianus.
“Yes, Mistress,” said the girl in bluish gauze. She was extremely careful not to spill a drop. Black wine, except in the vicinity of Thentis, where most of it is grown on the slopes of the Thentis range, is quite expensive. Also, of course, clumsy slave girls are often whipped. The expression “second slave,” incidentally, serves to indicate that one does not wish creams or sugars with one’s black wine, even if only one girl is serving.

Guardsmen of Gor, p. 374-375

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