“She is ready for the block now.”

“She is ready for the block now.” “Perhaps,” I said. “I am sure she would perform well,” said Marcus. “And if she were reluctant to do so, or hesitated for a moment, I am sure any lingering scruples would be promptly dissipated by the auctioneer’s whip.” “Undoubtedly,” I said. I had seen such transformations take place many times at the sales. It is not so much, I think, that the lash, in such a situation, as a punishment, changes the woman’s behavior, that she obeys because she does not wish to be whipped, but rather that the whip convinces her that she is now free to be the sensuous, sexual, marvelous creature which she is in herself and has always desired to be.

In this sense the whip does not oppress the woman but rather liberates her to be herself, wild, uninhibited, free in a sense, even though she may be bound in chains, and sexual. To be sure, the whip is also used to punish women, and they do fear it, and mightily, for such a reason. Sometimes it is used, too, of course, merely to remind them of what they are, slaves. But such points, as I recall, have been hitherto noted.

Magicians of Gor, p.344-345

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