She was a long way now from the Alar camp

She was a long way now from the Alar camp in which, as a pseudomale, she must have been in effect, as such women are, little more than a laughing stock, little better than a joke. In any event, it seemed she had now abandoned her foolish charade of masculinity. It seems to me that being a woman is a beautiful and wonderful thing to be, but, to be sure, it is not being a man. It is different. And this is not to say that it is better or worse, but it is to say that it is different.

One supposes, even, that it may well be something more deliciously precious than being a man. That seems possible. If it were not it seems puzzling that men would be so concerned to acquire and own them, put them in collars, master them, and such. In any event, whatever might be the truth in these matters, it seems clear that each should be true to themselves, and their own nature. How else is happiness, or fulfillment, to be obtained?

Boabissia, I was sure, was confused and unsettled within herself. She seemed now surely not male, which was an occasion, at least in my view, for rejoicing, but, too, unfortunately, less than a full woman.

Mercenaries of Gor, p. 412

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