Similarly, I was a woman

Similarly, I was a woman. I gathered that such a device might be used upon me as well. And I had little doubt that the magnificent, beastlike male before whom I lay exhibited and supine would not think twice before applying that device as he might wish, or saw fit. I gathered that I now found myself in a place, wherever it was, where women might be subject to such things. I found this frightening, but also thrilling, inordinately thrilling, for it spoke to me of unquestioned and categorical masculine domination.

Somehow I knew that I had longed for this, and needed it. Its absence from my life, I now realized, had long been keenly, if obscurely, confusedly, felt. How far this place seemed to me from the culture with which I was familiar, and yet how close was this place to my dreams. Something deep, and ancient, in the relation of male and female, then spoke to me.

What woman’s sexual responses are not aroused most profoundly by the vigorous, commanding, aggressive, uncompromising dominant male?

What woman does not sense in him he whose role it is to rule?

Kajira of Gor, p. 384-385

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