Slave bracelets, as one may suppose, are not the heavy, brutal shackles often used to confine male prisoners

Slave bracelets, as one may suppose, are not the heavy, brutal shackles often used to confine male prisoners. They are designed for women. They are usually light, and closely linked. Their lightness, however, should not suggest an insufficiency to their primary purpose, that of inescapable fettering, of perfect restraint, which purpose, rather, they serve with a consummate effectiveness. In addition to this primary purpose, however, many forms of slave bracelets are designed to set off, and enhance, the beauty of a woman, this rather in the nature of certain forms of jewelry, such as bracelets, armlets, anklets, rings, necklaces, and such. These bracelets, however, those now upon the blonde, were not the lovely, attractive, colorful devices, as much ornaments as restraints, which are designed for attractiveness as well as custodial efficiency, devices which may be matched to various slave silks, types of collars, and such, in effect, completing an
ensemble. These, rather, were plain, and of a sort which might be worn within a slaver’s residence or place of business, within pens, kennels, holding areas, warehouses, and such.

Slave bracelets have a profound meaning for the Gorean woman. She understands them quite well. When a free woman wears them she feels herself a slave, and begins to have slave feelings. Accordingly they are often used on captive free women, that in their clasp they may begin to ponder their impending fate, and sense in their lovely bellies its meaning, perhaps while the iron is heating. A slave, of course, expects to be placed in them, and submits to them with the acquiescent docility with which she must accept any bond. They, too, of course, can exert their spell upon a property girl, and they tend, as do many other forms of bonds, to prod and kindle the ever-smoldering embers of her slave fires into open flame.

Sometimes a slave will crawl to a master on her belly, her hands braceleted behind her, begging to be caressed. Earth-girl slaves, too, quickly learn the meaning of such bracelets, which, like the collar and brand, may come to symbolize the possession, the domination, and the raptures, to which they find themselves subject on this world. More than once I have surprised an Earth-girl slave, front-braceleted, kissing the bracelets which confine her. Shocked at being discovered, in consternation, in confusion and shame, they may pretend inadvertence or innocence, but one then has them kneel, and openly continue such ministrations. This is good for them and helps them to become more open, more honest, about their needs and desires, and about what they most want to be, and how they most want to live, a condition and a way of life which were no more than a lovely, wayward dream on Earth, but became for them, astonishingly, with all its perils, severities, and ecstasies, a reality on Gor.


Mercenaries of Gor, p. 669-671

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