Slaves in general

Slavery in general

17th birthday acceptance of enslavement ankle belt at mercy of free persons at mercy of men at mercy of women binding fiber body chain body’s testing bondage of chains breeding of slaves calling the owner chained slave collar legend dancing collar denying of enslavement despised slave enslaved expression: born for the collar expressions for slaves favorite slave first girl forced enslavement freeing from slavery girl of minor value illiterate slave iron belt kajira sana kajirus/kajira killed by free persons will legal slave loot pit meaning of the collar message box neck chain pleasure shackles purpose of slave positions purposes of slave items purposes of the slave brand purposes of the slave collar purposes of the whip refer to the owner reminder of one's own slavery runaway slave self-enslavement sex among slaves sexual slavery slave contract slave harvest slave of value slave paper slave rights slave speak slave theft Slave Trade slave traditions slave's hierarchy sold into slavery stripped women submission ceremony switch symbol of submission temporary slave The Love Dance of the Newly Collared Slave Girl touching money true woman's destiny waist-and-wrist stocks wrist bells wrist belt wrist chain wrist rope

Slave Types

Relationships & Perspectives

Master/slave relationship

at her master’s feet at the feet of masters bathing the master be fed to sleen begging for been belled begging for been claimed begging for been clothed begging for been fed begging for been whipped begging for forgiveness begging for master's touch begging for placating begging for speaking permission begging to be caressed begging to be leashed begging to be mastered begging to please her master being a man’s total slave bondage of love caress of the slave girl chain of command chain sisters chains of love claim a slave collar relationship comb the slave girl's hair commanding complete ownership complete slave degradation excellent mastery expression: bell me fear of been sold fear of being unpleasing fear of the Master feeding + watering the slave feeding the master free men/kajira free men/kajirus furs of love Gorean Master greeting the master hand feeding handeling slave girls house ceremonials house rules/policy intimacy kissing and licking master's feet kissing and licking master's sandals kissing and licking master’s hand knowing the slave knowing women lamp of love love master love slave low slave Master master knowledge master's couch master's favorite slave master's touch Master/slave conversations men's toy mouth feeding name of the owner naming the slave permission of clothing permission to feed permission to speak pleasure of ownership power of men presentation of slave girls private master private slave proud master putting the head down ritual of mastery secret slave serve in the furs sexual pleasure sexually arousing sexually stimulated sign of ownership single slave slave anniversary slave begging slave dependence slave ecstasy slave errands slave love slave loyalty slave property slave rape slave rituals slave sport slave's belonging slave's reward spirited girl spiritual connection standing permission strong master submission symbiotic relationship symbol of mastery the slave girl’s protection tidbits of slave meat total slave true love unclaimed slave under strong discipline valuable treasure Who loosens your hair women's thrill to the core worship yearning for master's touch

Mistress/slave relationship



Kajira: Characteristics & Duties

a man's chattel a man's plaything alert alive slave attentiveness attractivity barefoot be mastered being of slave interest being pleasing being worth feeding blossom in slavery body language bondage branded slave collared slave cooking desirability desirable desirable slave desire to kneel desire to please desire to serve desire to submit discipline docile slave domestic duties domestic labor emotional equal slave girls erotic duties errant slave exciting expression: slave beautiful expression: slave desirable fear of free women fear of the whip feeling helpless feminine woman fulfillment in slavery fulfillment in womanhood helpless slave helplessness humbleness imaginative intelligence inventive joy of being a slave girl ladylike language knowledge leading bell licking luscious femaleness meaningless slave neck bells obedience obedient slave obeisance obeying to perfection openness outlawed for slaves paga hot pierced ears pleasing slave pleasure privilege to be enslaved prostration before men proud slave provoking the master purposes of a slave girl repetitive self-awareness self-surrender selfless slave sensitivity sensuality serving in perfection servitude sexiness sexual experience sexual responsiveness sexual surrender she-sleen slave beauty slave behavior slave characteristics slave curves slave duties slave feelings slave kiss slave length of hair slave livery slave meat slave need slave orgasm slave potential slave pride slave reflexes slave under control slave-girl hot slave's happiness slave's hygiene slave's passion slave’s privacy slaves tell the truth slavish curiosity splendid strong will subject to penalties submissive behavior subordination tactful thankful she's a slave girl thankful slave to be found worthy to love and serve selfless to the pleasure of men true woman's desires true woman's needs unbranded slave uninformed slave useful slave vital vulnerability will to die for her master wish to live for her master womanhood worthy of being owned worthy of enslavement worthy of garment yearning for her master yearning for love yearning for slavery yoke of slavery

Kajira: Body, Clothing & Jewellery

ankle bells bare-breasted belly chain belly cord belt of rolled cloth chalwar Chatka clad Kajira coin box collar sleeve collar stocking company tunic dancing silk depilated slave disrobing loop ear rings fullness of bosom G-string garment: kajira Haik of the Tahari hairstyle: fillet hairstyle: hair leash hairstyle: leash hairstyle: long hair hairstyle: worn long and loose halters high boots house tunic humiliation garments Kalmak Koora leather slave cuffs mockery garments northern garments of beasts one layer of clothing painted nails Pani tunic platform tunic pleasure silk punishment garments purpose of slave garments serving garments serving naked shaved slave shipping tunic slave anklets slave bangle slave bells slave belly slave blanket slave camisk slave cloak slave cosmetic slave djellaba slave girdle slave jewelry slave kirtle slave leather slave mat slave pearls slave rag slave ribbons slave silk slave strip slave tunic slave's appearance slave’s figure sleeveless slave gown slip knot Ta-Teera talmit: slave The Chains of Telnus thumb cuffs Tuchuk slave garb tunic: slave short Turian camisk Turian silk waist bells work tunic

Kajira: Dances, Melodies, & Songs

Kajira: Positions & Commands

being in presence breaking position command: beg command: call command: coffle line command: collar command: crawl command: feet command: gagged by master's will command: heel command: kneel command: kneel back command: lick and kiss command: lower chain command: on all fours command: on your belly command: Palms on thighs command: precede me command: release command: rise command: run command: show rebellion command: silence command: stand command: strip command: submit command: teeth command: untie command: walk command: withdraw commanded to nudity floor movements hand gesture holding position pet play position: 2nd obeisance position: bara position: belly position: bracelets position: display position: feeding position: kneel to the whip position: kneeling position: leading position: leash position: lesha position: nadu position: nadu of Thentis position: obeisance position: position position: slave lips position: submission position: sula position: thigh / brand display position: tower position: whipping slave commands slave positions slave whimper

Kajira Trade

Slave Training & Items

ankle ring back-braceleted slave basic kisses of the slave bondage knot bosk whip bound woman carry the whip catwalk chain collar collar ring collar training common collar controlled by the hair dance disciplining: she-quadruped disobedient slave displeasing slave enter a room eye contact fear of the first girl feeding pole finger snap forced to eat frontbraceleted slave Harl Ring held responsible house collar in slave's teeth initial training initial whipping interim collar kept in her place kissing and licking the whip kissing the switch kissing the whip kneeling slave lash / quirt / whip learning the collar leash-constrained slave leather collar leg-stretcher lying slave mat of submission moaning and whimpering naked slave nameless slave neck ring on her place pain personal training plank collar plate collar pole dance purpose of slave paces purposes of disciplinary scimitar of discipline securing a girl serving bracelets serving ritual seven-pin lock collar shipping collar shorn girl showing slave need silent command Sirik slave art slave bowl slave box slave bracelets slave chain slave collar slave cord slave cuffs slave dance slave development slave disciplining slave goad slave gridle slave ignorance slave inspection slave keeping slave kennel slave leash slave paces slave pen slave pole slave porridge slave post slave restraint slave ring slave skills slave stake slave string slave training Slave Training, Positions & Items slave walk slave whip slave whipping slave yoke slave's punishment snake speechless slave stable collar subject to the first girl tarn basket the disciplining kiss of the Gorean slave lash training in intimate arts Turian collar under supervision unpleasant slave wall ring whip rights whipped slave whipping frame whipping ring wrist ring


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