“Slip her into the slave sack,” said Tullius Quintus

“Slip her into the slave sack,” said Tullius Quintus. “I am eager to be away.”
I shook my head negatively, tears in my eyes, mutely pleading. Such a device was unpleasant. Too, such a device was seldom used for slaves, despite its name, for slaves were commonly coffled, chained in wagons, chained to a stirrup, or such. It might be useful, of course, in disciplining slaves, or stealing slaves. But I was not being disciplined, nor was I being stolen. Such a device could be useful, of course, in removing a captured free woman, perhaps one so unwise as to having intruded into a paga tavern, from her own city or town. Perhaps then she might find herself a paga girl elsewhere, given which denouement her presumed curiosity might be well satisfied.

Plunder of Gor, p. 111

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