“Stand as you were before,” she was told.

“Stand as you were before,” she was told.
She did so.
“Hot and needful,” she heard.
She tossed her head, a bit angrily, a bit insolently.

Did they have to know that? Could that not be left as her secret, to be revealed only, whether she willed it or not, in the arms of a dominant male?

She wondered at the knowledge of the slavers. How could they know such things? It seemed they could see in a woman what she could scarcely admit to herself, even in her most secret dreams. Doubtless there were subtle cues in a woman’s body, in her movements, in her discourse, her carriage, her expressions and such.

She had been told that slavers on Earth occasionally passed by beautiful women, to take as prey women perhaps less beautiful, but more intelligent, more latently passionate, those who, in their view, would make better slaves.

Prize of Gor, p. 486

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