“Strength in men, not weakness,” she said, “excites me.”

“Strength in men, not weakness,” she said, “excites me. You are the strongest man I have ever known.”
“I am sure there are many men stronger than I,” I said.
“Physical strength,” she said, “is only a small part of what I mean, though it is not unimportant. I mean strength of will.

Many men who are strong physically are spineless weaklings, tortured and dominated by women, and ideas. Women, despite what they may feel obligated to proclaim publicly, detest such men, for they betray their dominance, their genetic heritage as male primates, thus cheating not only themselves of the fulfillment of their nature but precluding the woman from also fulfilling hers. It is no wonder that women, in their helplessness and frustration, their own confusions, turn upon such men, hurting them and making them miserable. This, of course, causes such men, who do not understand the problem, to redouble their efforts to be accommodating and pleasing to the females, to give them whatever they want, and to reassure them of anything and everything they wish to hear. A vicious cycle is thus generated.”.

“It is called manhood, and womanhood, and nature.”

Beasts of Gor, p. 452

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