Strictly, rather as I must have permission to speak

Strictly, rather as I must have permission to speak, so, too, I must have permission to clothe myself, to feed, and so on. On the other hand, in many domiciles, nothing onerous is involved in such matters, as, with respect to a variety of such activities, a standing permission is in place.

I almost always fed myself, save when it pleased him, or amused him, to put me to all fours, at an animal dish, the use of my hands denied to me, or would choose, I kneeling, or sometimes lying, to feed me by hand. I was even permitted, commonly, the use of a spoon.

One matter in which an explicit permission is usually required is when a slave would leave the domicile. In requesting this permission, the slave will be expected to make clear the point of her trip and her anticipated time of return.

With respect to food, the master, of course, as a matter of propriety, begins the meal. An exception to this might be when the master suspects the slave may have poisoned the food. She will then be forced to eat first.

Plunder of Gor, p. 352

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